The Trust Central Team

We have made rapid progress in developing the infrastructure of the Trust over the past couple of years, which is why we are now in a position to welcome new schools who are interested in becoming part of our family.

The schools are supported by the Senior Executive Leadership Team, who are responsible for operations and delivering the Board’s vision and ethos, as well as ensuring the Trust’s financial effectiveness, stability and securing value for money. The Trust Central Team operates under the leadership of the CEO and comprises:


  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Strategic Finance Officer and Finance Team
  • Strategic HR Officer and HR Team
  • Strategic IT Officer and IT Team
Trust Central Finance Team

The role of the Trust Central Finance Team is to ensure that there are robust financial controls in place to safeguard the assets of the Trust and promote excellent value for money, and ensure all statutory financial reporting deadlines are met.

The Team manages the Lloyds Commercial Banking and SIMS Finance Accounting systems and produces monthly Management Accounts and Balances Sheets for each school within 10 days of the month-end to ensure delegated budgets are well-managed and resources are targeted to meet education priorities.

As a result of its sound financial management the Trust has been able to invest in improving its estate, ICT infrastructure and develop teaching and learning capacity to improve outcomes for pupils. The Team prides itself on accurate coding of income and expenditure and timely production of financial management information to enable Governors and senior leaders to do what they do best – to focus on governing and teaching.

Trust Central HR Team

Having an in-house HR team allows an immediate response to employee-related matters and ensures that issues or concerns are resolved effectively and swiftly by our skilled practitioners. Our dedicated team have formed strong professional relationships with our leaders, forged by their teamwork approach, and are trusted to give sound advice and guidance on sensitive and difficult matters.

We are fortunate to have an experienced team who provide HR expertise within the context of an education setting and have strategic experience of largescale change. We have a recruitment and compliance specialist who supports our workforce planning, as well as our training and development needs.

The team provides hands-on support with straightforward and complex HR matters and ensures compliance with policies and procedures and consistency of approach across our Trust. This is bolstered by offering training and briefing sessions to our Headteachers and up-and-coming leaders in pertinent employment matters in an ever-changing education landscape!