Trust Governance Structure

The Trust has adopted a non-representational model of governance, whereby the directors of the Trust Board are completely independent to governors of the Local Governing Bodies of each school. The directors have a range of expertise, including business, commercial, finance, legal, education, governance and data protection.

In addition, there are no employees, including the CEO, on the Trust Board. The Trust’s scheme of delegation, includes a detailed table of roles and responsibilities, which clearly defines what decisions to delegate, and importantly, what to retain at Director level.

There are a number of committees of the Trust Board, including the Standards, Curriculum & Faith Committee, the Risk, Audit, Behaviour & Safeguarding Committee and the Finance & Resources Committee. Members of the Local Governing Bodies are welcome to attend these committees.


In addition to the named committees above, the Trust has appointed Local Governing Bodies. Each Local Governing Body is appointed to govern a specific academy within the Trust in accordance with the Scheme of Delegation. They have oversight of the school and are accountable to the Trust Board. In addition, each Local Governing Body serves as a vital link to the local community.