St Anthony’s Catholic Primary

St Anthony’s is a school filled with a buzz of happy activity and the warmth of positive relationships between pupils and adults. The children are taught a broad and balanced curriculum by wonderful teachers, and the academic standards are high. 

Yet, St Anthony’s is about so much more than that; it is about our Catholic faith that teaches children to follow the example of Jesus. It is about giving everyone the opportunity to shine and be proud, having the confidence to have a go at anything and the belief that you can succeed. We continue to teach the children to have pride in themselves and to work harmoniously with each other.

Our school continues to be a place of acceptance and respect for the beliefs of others and a sense of pride when others do well. It is about the fun, magic and laughter of school life and the making of all those memories that last into old age.

Contact Details

Headteacher: Mr Peter Johnson

St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School
Dunkery Road
M22 0NT

Telephone: 0161 437 3029
Email: [email protected]